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ABOUT Orelstore.lk

Orange Electric toggles the switch on its latest venture Orelstore.lk, an online shopping website, bringing a wealth of opportunity to the discerning consumer, just a click away. Sri Lanka’s latest state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, Orel store is more than a discount store - rather, a personalized solution built to understand a customer’s every need, engaging with users to provide authentic, trusted brands of exceptional quality, backed by the utmost security and convenience.

Orelstore.lk was conceptualized by Orange Electric, one of Sri Lanka’s most trusted brands, with a global footprint spanning across six continents. With a vast product portfolio, and armed with years of expertise in serving the market with both domestic and industrial applications, Orange Electric truly understands the needs of Sri Lankan consumers - an understanding which led the Company to address a clear gap in the current online e-commerce platforms available in the market today.

With the current market climate shifting to digital platforms online shopping is fast becoming a worldwide hands-on experience. Here in Sri Lanka however, the transition from old-school window shopping to a digital interface could be considered an oppressive activity, with most online ventures proving to be of a false nature in the past, resulting in scams and false advertising, and a general skepticism towards online platforms.

With Orelstore.lk however, the items on display more than deliver on their promise - all products are original, including the Orange Electric brands created via vigorous, pre-tested quality mechanisms to meet internationally acclaimed standards, and a range of partner brands which are carefully chosen through a rigorous vendor selection process. Furthermore, the key concern of security is addressed through the employment of highly secured payment gateways. Orel store prioritizes the customer’s peace of mind above all else, by seeking out best-in-class products, making the store a haven of reliability and assurance amid the risky world of online transactions.

What you see is what you get with Orel Store, and thus the platform guarantees a complete refund every instance this pledge is not met. Each Orange Electric product comes with a warranty which can be claimed effortlessly at the Orange Electric - Orel store , and is reinforced by a distinctive brand promise of reliability and trust, recognized by generations of Sri Lankan consumers across the island. In addition, Orel store prioritizes the selection of other partner brands with their own vendor warranty, undertaking to deliver beyond expectations in terms of product excellence and value.

Offering competitive prices against limitless choices, Orelstore.lk is driven by a vision to create value for every user. With complete transparency and no hidden costs, the interface is user-friendly and quick to grasp, creating a platform capable of supporting any lifestyle, engaging with each user to bring them the products they are most passionate about.

Apart from launching an online shopping website that is both secure and exceptionally user-friendly Orel store’s primary focus will be in delivering the future of consumerism to your doorstep. Hence the added distinction of reliable island wide delivery, provided free of charge. The eager shopper can browse through a range of product options with ease, and upon selection choose from three options - direct delivery, express delivery and pick up. For more urgent requirements, the express option delivers the package to your door within 24 hours, while direct delivery occurs at a more leisurely pace, arriving within 3-5 working days of confirmation. Alternately, a customer can choose to pick up the product from the nearest regional Centre.

With Orel store, one’s online shopping experience extends beyond a mere transaction, and evolves into a lifelong partnership - inspired by decades of deep-rooted, continuing dependability and confidence. Well-poised to address future demand, Orel store epitomizes the inherent values of Orange Electric, maintaining the momentum of mutual trust derived through a longstanding commitment to serve the nation.

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